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"Preventable" – Alyssa Marie

Jk, it’s amazing. Jk again. LYRICS:

she got, flow for days – no one is safe
I take the key, open the cage and throw it away
beast mode. only so many ways to keep it relevant
before these kids over the phase, so he’s embellishing
telling lies to remain on a pedastal
but I came, set a little flame, and I let it build
years later it’s a name you’ll remember still
’cause I range better with the aim than you ever will
every kill, the precision is clean
I let ’em sleep, meanwhile I’ll be living the dream
so intervene in the middle, I’ll let it be
’cause they’ll never get up to a level where it ever will affect it, he
say I got a complex – superiority
already got ’em calling me cocky, but it’s in context
when I say that I’m next, it means I’m first
’cause I’ve never seen it done like I’ma do it, he can work to pursue it
but it’s worth isn’t doing any justice
you’re reflections of the music that you fuck with
so no wonder that the glass on your mirror broke
I’ma clear the smoke, all these vain bitches varicose
stare at those who wear their clothes like a costume
there it goes, another blended flow in this monsoon
lost in the middle of a million that’s identical
and it’s too bad, it was preventable.

Produced by Scotty Butler

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