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MPC Mondays (Ep. 4) + 16-bar Verse

Beat tape available for free download on March 18th at
Just a quick 16 to this beat as my next mixtape is still in progress!

these thought provokin’ lines from an open mind
a product of a broken home but hows (house) it I’m significant to others (significant other) focus
I’m nothin like what you’d expect me from me, I hope you know this
they say my bars are always hot but Ibarra’s heart’s the coldest

Takin it back, so instead you takin aback
When I pack it back and I snap, and attack a pack of you cats
And in fact, I’m, turnin this track to a diss track to distract you
I’m “burnin this wax,” you “can’t hold a candle” to this “match,” to

R U B Y make you mufukkas see why
you’ll never be me, I cause a ruckus when I free minds
yuh, drop the ether, this the thesis that’ll lead to leaders
Fuck a breather, I don’t need that either, skip a teaser

Just cuz people “feelin me,” these others wanna “keep in touch”
I mean at least I been the beast that people need to keep it up
Others make-believe but i will make believers out of these
Emcees I lead the team Im what these high achievers dream to be


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