Radioactive – Imagine Dragons Cover/Remix


â–ē NOTE
Remix contains song lyrics from: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive, Britney Spears – Toxic, Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness, and Al Green – Sexual Healing.

We do not claim ownership to the lyrics from the songs mentioned above. All rights and copyrights belong to Imagine Dragons, Britney Spears, Lana Del Rey, and Al Green.

â–ē INFO
Rap Vocals/Rap Lyrics: R. Ibarra
Guitar/Singing Vocals: D. Ibarra
Music Production: R. Ibarra
Video Production: R. Torres, D. Ibarra, and R. Ibarra | Filmed with Canon T3i | Edited on iMovie

When I woke up this morning, I knew that today was the time that I’ll better myself/
A letter of wealth, ’cause I sense it’ll help, and beyond any else, a reflection of self/
so, whats the point of this platform thats for, speaking out if I don’t know why I rap for?/
every syllable thats poured I’ll be sure that they want an encore from me but more of
of me when I’m peddling, knees feelin’ heavy when/
leaning to givin’ in, need to be competent/
see, what I underwent, reason I comprehend/
need to be living in peace if I wanna win/
free with the pen I vent, feel the adrenaline/
dream like a kid again, breathe in the elements/
harder to see when asleep so I’m waking to be/
and I stand and I run on my feet again/
see, things come in threes, but in the end we break “even”/
you’ll have a win for your loss, the wind when you’re lost ’cause you’re bound to see change like the seasons/
so it’s I with the bars, open eyelids and heart/
the fear in my mind are just islands apart/
i’m defying the odds so I riot the art i’m too wired to buy into lies and remarks/
they try to put a show like a pantomime crime, so never mind those with the power they lyin’/
I’m a problem, a powerhouse, every last line, so I got em when I pound and I devour these rhymes/
cuz pow! I’m a lion, empowered by lines, hows that for me tryin to tower these minds/
on track like a power line, louder each time, bounce back, ain’t no backin’ down, ’cause its my time!



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