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Respect Due, Round 2. staHHr aka Barbarella attacks the classic Jeru the Damaja track “Come Clean.” Shot on location in Brooklyn NY by Corren Conway (Forever12 Images).

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Rock harder than a rose quartz


Free national for the record

This a closed court

thinking long range

And you coming up hella short

Throw a fit when i spit riffing like Ella..


My DNA strains contain…

hela cells….

Mind boggling like Kurt Cobain

Blowing brains let the madness begin


Lock this down

Heads ain’t ready for the plot twist

Optimus- prime like the number nine

And I got this…

Shine- I illuminate, it’s preposterous

To think that any one of you could stop it..

You getting styled on by a prophet…

Cause you only in the game for a profit…

I got a way with words that’s Obnoxious

Juggernaut doing somersaults on your conscience

Nothing to lose like a kid nobody wanted orphaned

staring at my mother in a coffin

Age 12

Haunted by the image very often

Socially awkward, these demons I walk with

Outline and chalked it, all in or forfeit

I’m learning not to force it, cause I am the force


A zip of the goodness,


have all y’all niggas catching vapors

My verbal intercourse is Salacious

Pen game Staci lane- outrageous

What that mouf do, stun on ya fazers

the earth got layers, answer to your prayers

First, we get the paper, then we get the acres


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