“Barbarella” is back for Respect Due’s third installation. Throwing a curve ball, still ever so appropriately, with “The Healer”. Any beat can get it. Salute to the goddess Erykah Badu and the master alchemist Madlib.

On my honor
Killer karma
Shrine of the black madonna
You don’t want it with mama
I’d rather be at peace like the Dalai Lama
Blow skama, Mary j., no more drama
Don’t take that lightly
I will still clock you like spike lee
Run ya jewels like Jamie and Mikey
Then sit on my porch and sip ice tea
You ain’t never met another that’s like me
A southern belle with real hair and nails
Could care less about Chanel, supreme clientele 1
Mighty healthy especially with my tights on
Barbarian- word to P, mic Tyson
Ya bitch ass still sleep with the lights on
Molotov, watch out for the pipe bomb
First Lady of metal face, im an icon
Get the picture, freeze frame, click the Nikon
Water the plants,
on my yoga mat deep in a trance
Already got dough, I’m investing my advance
They love stahhr from bogota to France
Put on ya boogie shoes baby boy, let’s dance
Imma Keep bouncin while I count these grants
Word to nick -Burnz Shit Burnz don’t it?
I don’t see none of these bitches as my opponents
GMO flows, y’all really tried to clone it
This is my lane, got the deed, I own it


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