Respect Due #8. This installment pays homage to Goodie Mob of the legendary Dungeon Family. Stahhr (as Barbarella) rides the beat like a box Chevy as she visits some of “Old Atlanta’s hot spots. The Respect Due Vol. 1 mixtape is OUT NOW!

Directed by Nick Burnz

I️ never had an accent bastards
But don’t get it backwards
I’m batshit crazy with the pen
I back flip/ the track is a mattress
Southern as catfish and grits on yo asses
Cassius to Ali
Berry em Halle
No coke, no x, no lean and no molly
I️ get loose off pineapple juice with ginger root
The bonfide truth since hector was a youth

Regroup and rebuild em
better hide the children
Wayne Williams
This the type of fear that you feeling
Fabulous- terror beware I’m a monster
Excorcising demons rudra yamala Mantra
This dat sauce naga-maggianos with tha pasta
Certified nutso- snapping with the gusto
Shawty one forty always dead fresh
What hoe?
This my affidavit of facts-relax
No time for faking jacks
We getting Hannibal Stax
Til the dollar collapse
Gold and silver after that
Moment of truth in the booth
Never a prostitute for a deal to recoup
My thought process too ill to get duped
Been trill since they rocked British knights with the troop
A hats, Braves jackets, what da deal, what it do?
The stone that the builder refused, Guess who?


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