First video from the Respect Due takeover/freestyle series.
Directed by Nick Burnz (Black Algebra Multimedia).

Listen to the track here:

The Brightest stahhr in the sky

On my do or die

Hotter than July

Sha stimuli

Left lane-left brain

Right time wrong place

Say grace, you a plate

I’m starving, you getting ate

The back bender, tantric yogi, find ya center

The fairer gender, pure love with no agenda

The honey coated, you wonder if she deep throat it, you like it but won’t promote it

Full of shit and she know it

The all seeing, empathic feel it deep in, she ain’t sleeping, Firestarter with heat seeking

Thought missiles, I crochet and shoot pistols, blow whistles on crooked government officials

None can harm me, surrounded by a people’s army, noble and swarthy

Write like Darryl with the archery

Eat ya veggies love, your aura too starchy

Green juice with parsley, precise how these darts be

I grip plyaz, like Omar from the wire, I whistle and it inspires you cornballs to retire

Phoenix from the Fire, I’m flame retardant

Beg ya pardon, massive like the rack on Dolly Parton


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