Mr. Lamar (Another Control Response from a Rapper Not Even Called Out) [Prod. Kelly Portis]


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Produced by Kelly Portis

Mr. Lamar..listen, for all the rappers mad cause you missed ’em or or pissed cuz they thought your list wasn’t finished,
that harbor feelings of bitterness, hearts that”s littered with scars from the written bars that they took to it
looking looking too far and intricately
into it, see everyone gonna be quick to diss be ready to get it in fifty fifty
spitters and listeners both, you knew that the shit was risky
from people who misunderstood it for dissing the people you listed
to the irrelevant rappers you didn’t consider thinking you skip ’em deliberately
then the ignorant ones that’s screaming out blasphemy
kendrick’s king of new york but from cali? (what?) the audacity..
that’s where the half of these problems spawn
cause they heard the words but ignored the context, and react but they got it wrong
like you calling out rocky, sean, jay electron, drake, and the rest of ’em?
sure, but you’re re ally making the best of ’em
surface, cause nothing’s making a rapper snap on a record worse
than name drops in a verse that lethal, public, and personal
everyone one of us cursed with competitive pens
imperious egos, said that he’s better than me? (oh..) never again
bet, in the end…that competition’s the only thing that can save us
making sure we’re so high even heaven’s left in our angel dust
is how the game became what it was
the hunger pains plaguing the stomach of artists paving the way with their blood
so wake up… I think that’s the message kendrick intended
if not, I’ll send it myself, been through hell of entering benched
having to prove that I’m better before ever touching the field
so I know from experience you won’t grow with nothing to build
that’s why we’re stuck in a still frame..
who cares about who’s the realest, who’s rocking realest chain?!
who’s pocket is spilling change?! who’s dropping the illest lyrics? no…
who’s words you’re really feeling, no… who’s flow is the most appealing? no
the ceilings low nobody’s standing to raise it without a challenge
we’re stagnant, when there’s no talent to outshine, and no balance to
to keep it’s about time that reach to a change
inspire each other to even if it means we’re speaking their names
and calling ’em out sometimes you gotta be the hero in a villains mask
an arrow aiming at the throne, the narrow thinkers sit and laugh
but who’s the joke really on? silly pawns..
we can say to appreciate it, but you won’t until it’s gone
mMr. Lamar, if I’m wrong and that song was only to flex
you still lit a spark in this genre, and for that you own the respect
for that we owe you the debt and we’ll pay it with change
not with the dollars, not gonna follow their ways with the same
pace, it’s a race I’m dropping ’em all
maltese to the rot wilder, got leashes and shock collars no peace/piece for the shot callers
they’re calling it beef..I’m okay with that
cause they’ll always try to make it that..but they took our lane we just want to take it back maybe that’s how we can take his verse
in every game, a little competition makes the players work

[this is hip hop, you must have forgot that
I got love for big shots and pop rap
corner freestylers, hobby rhymers, ’round the clock acts
in life we can be cool, behind the mic is where that stops at
this is my lane, I’m sorry you aint know that
but you became my target once you drove passed
I’m not trying to take shots, I keep it peaceful
just don’t take that as a weakness ’cause there’s nothing I’ma hold back


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