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"Threshold" [Thursday Session: Ep. 2] Alyssa Marie ft. Derek, Benny, & Cory

Episode 2 of the Thursday Sessions. Verse one off an unreleased song that will be available on an upcoming project. New album “No Parades on Easy Street” drops 5/31/14! (All our links at the bottom)


on the threshold with nothing but labor and skill
a little patience, never pity those too lazy to build
I got the will they lack, fill the gap they created
aggravated with the masquerade but happily hated
’cause the love they’re giving away, it doesn’t mean a thing
I don’t even see the queen or king in this arenas ring
so what’s the reasoning competing with these common folk
when I got my focus on the throne, is this some kind of joke?
I’m hoping not for the sake of the person wasting time
they tried inflating the state of their worth debating mine
creating shine shading someone else’s light
only works until the shade is drawn to sun excelling bright, so
undersell the hype, I’d rather catch em off guard
acting hard’s for shielding the fact they’re soft as they often are
but they don’t get eventually we’ll see the truth
when it’s seen the truth they seem to speak don’t ever leave the booth

Alyssa Marie:
instagram: @alysssaMariiie

Derek Vautrinot: (Drums)
instagram: @derekvautrinot

Cory Paza: (Bass)
instagram: @crpaza

Benny Goodman: (Keyboard)

Zeen Rachidi: (Videographer)


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