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"Can I Rap?" ft. Derek Vautrinot & Benny Goodman L

Back with a statement – each track is an affidavit
Acid rain on their parades, in ashes evaporated
Granted, I’m asked to wait for a chance, but I’d rather take it
Face the fact that with passion is pain, I had to embrace it
Mass eradication of tenants crashing out space
Mean mug and we’ll the stares, we run it attic to basement
It’s home – happy estate prone to gutter rats invading it
These songs’ll play and be the d-con and raid
But can I rap? Please? At ease, see me back to seize
Lead and recapture the status at the peak of majesty
Grovel at the feet of the queen of the tragic outcomes
And their own unsureness is where half of their doubts from
So how come I still let that shit get to me?
Wasting the effort, play the record, record setting freestyles
And setting free styles in rap people forgot
Gotta counteract to even the odds
For rappers that ain’t shit they seem to speak it a lot
Expect to make sales when they’re not even leaving the dock
So why knock? They leave the keys in the lock like no one’ll turn it
No when your turn is over and now ‘fore they close the curtain
Thousands of overworking to fill your porcelain plate
No crown for that noble person, they take your Porsche at the gate
They take the order you place – working to give you service
You’ll probably complain about ’cause you’re too important to wait
For whoever isn’t sure, that’s a metaphor
You can take it however you misinterpret it
Never more than basic understanding
Waste another blatant undemanding explanation
Throw an undertow and wave an upper hand
Like look, I been on a hunger strike, they thought it was writer’s block
I was just boycotting these weak beats they’re feeding me like they’re hot
When really they’re frost bitten, I’m make a living at making this cycle stop
Like it or not, take what you’re given’s the only advice you got

Alyssa Marie
Instagram: @alysssaMariiie

Performed Live at Speak EZ Studios on 12-26-13, Randolph, MA
instagram/twiitter @derekvautrinot,vautrinot

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