"Nicotine" [Thursday Sessions: Ep. 1] Alyssa Marie ft. Cory Paza and Benny Goodman


A verse off my upcoming full length project “No Parades on Easy Street” that drops 5/31/14. Keyboard by Benny Goodman, guitar by Cory Paza. All our links at the bottom!


in a daze…been encaged up in a smoky haze
the status quo is raised to under qualified and overpaid
don’t know the way don’t need take an open road that’s paved,
play the role of diamond in the dust behind the golden age
an old soul that’s aged beyond it’s expiration date
but still aint waste away, awaited a way to break the day to day
to engrave a fate they never could take away,
make my effort to save the day..
wear the cape, play the record, they fade to grey
close enough to blacking out completely
to see for themselves it’s easy to reach for the help that seems to be
placed most conveniently.. face the only way they know to see but these
charades’ll show there’s no parades on easy street
so I need to make my own way, and the truth is
there’s no way that I’d rather do this, scratches and bruises
are hardly a price to pay, that’s when the movement
fastens, the clashing of mass approval and actual music happens
the units rappers are moving align with the talent used
alley oop the play and pray that it makes for their balanced dues
cause only as a team can we carry the truth back
amidst the vast polluted air of music, it’s therapeutic
ask the students how the flower can bloom when the stem is rootless
on the search of solutions when you don’t know the problem’s useless
I said look.. I gotta do this..you don’t have to understand
so even if I even if I nevermake it, I’ll leave a path so others can

Alyssa Marie:
instagram: @alysssaMariiie

Cory Paza:
instagram: @crpaza

Benny Goodman:

Shot/Edited live at Speak EZ Studios in Randolph, MA by Cory Paza and Domitila Bonato.


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