In the Morning – Alyssa Marie (J. Cole & Drake remix)


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its been a minute since we been official, i think its beneficial
for the both of us if we over but we pretend our issues
are nonexistant, its hard to miss em, we blind though
we fallen victim, your heart is prison to my soul
but now i’m breaking free, you on some other shit
fucking with my bliss because you need someone to suffer with
i know i said this shit a million other times
how i seem to slip your mind again but still your stuck in mine
love is blind…i’m ignoring the truth
hear and accepting what the stories are according to you
when all the proof is showing otherwise
your truest colors, but i choose to go in color blind, who could know the sunny skies
were only temporary, were inside a hurricane
but we pretending every thing is fine, and nuthin changed
but whats the same? in reality… we grown apart
we both are different, no one listens to a broken heart
because they think the one who broke it is the only one
who knows the way to piece it back together, and i’m hoping some
times that its true..because its hard to picture life without you
and plus i dont wanna admit that they were right about you
or maybe more than that, its hard to say that i was wrong
pride was always what divided us, you’d never ride a long
and let me take the drivers seat
but i wouldnt either, looking deeper i can see whatever way we try to keep
pretending we’re a happy couple, we’re only growing bitter
throwing wood onto the fire, saw the flame but no one figured
it would burn live and learn, its a lesson taught
through the stress you caused, knew my buttons and you’d press em hard
never thought i’d say it, but i’m better off to face it
my heart was just a game, you ripped my chest apart to play it
if home is where the heart is
then you use to be the roof over my head, but now i’m homeless and i’m heartless


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