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"What I Got" [Genre Tribute Ep. 1: Sublime] [Alyssa Marie]

Paying tribute to the (in my opinion) legendary band Sublime, not trying to outdo the original song, it’s all for respect. This is the first episode of a new series in which I’ll be remixing songs of some of my favorite artists and bands from all genres. Hope you enjoy it.


sick of living stressed, sick of picking up a bigger mess than the bit I left
left it sitting thinking it was best
to assess then revisit it thinking I had my wits in this
but given a minute I found living it can’t be that simplistic
now I live it like religion, inhale it like a blessing
you can tell the reverend if there was no hell or heaven
then I’d still be spreading love without the laws to follow
I believe my bleeding heart”d lead me where the bible
would’ve reached, but this revival isn’t easy, no bottle with a genie
just the love for those who preaching peace, and sorrow for the greedy
so peace to Bradley, ain’t no one filling that spot
it’s been a decade and a half, and love is still what I got

their attention span’s (too short) so I fit it in one verse
fewer words. but the same message delivered with ’em,
earned a living on the verge of work and prison
til the rhythm merging with the wisdom introversion turned into a vision
still blurred, while I search for the prescription,
gotta work to earn the privilege in a world where most who get it burnt the bridges
but I learned to swim early on this journey in anticipation
wade in from river bank and hit my destination
left the hate with the stress and hesitation
and the rest of the self given set of limitations
obsessed with the relevance forget the innovation
hell no… that’s the recipe for hate and it’s the

I still cry when my dog runs away
still get angry at the bills I got to pay
it’s a little harder ’cause I stopped smoking pot
but it’s cool because the love is what I got giving a lot
when they’re not, ripping the knot, knock, break in the locked box
letting the love go, living to give what I got til the clock stops
I’m loving this life, ’cause it’s all I got
do it right til that wooden box drops

My mixtape “HeartBeat”:

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