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"Peace" (Beatblocked SummerHeatCypher)

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I guess this means goodbye…living the peace of mind they said was fairy tale
in fact.. living it very well..back from hiking a wary trail
lining these arbitrary barren fields filled with too many buried wills
pushing up daffodils instead of rebuilding when theories failed
while I parasail above the changing tides
taking my time to tackle the hills I was scared I would fail to my fate to climb
breaking the lines and shattering molds
with a goal in mind to actualize where my mind can actually go
if I push..pull myself to the brink of crashing this ride
to establish inside my famished soul appetite for surpassing growth
I hope to never satisfy cause hunger is passion
don’t pacify the reaction or undermine the impact arising
from the black horizon of a luminous soul
dim from too many low tints, on the windows who’s view is suppose to be to what it holds with in
but nobody’s been able to see inside
but I’m seeing them walking by with a wave that’s saying hello but I know that it means goodbye
so peace…peace peace peace
move it along, there’s nothing to see
let me carry on in peace…peace peace peace
now that I finally found it….everybody wants a piece
but I just wanna live in peace
leave with my soul in one piece

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