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Ramblin' ft. Street Light (prod. Ronnie Creed)


Street Light:
Ay yo Alyssa, they listening for the vividness
when I kick it. It’s limitless. Sitting in this predicament.
This is feelin ridiculous, isn’t it?
You are livin with me attempting to be even more mean and vicious.
Witnesses statements are gon be needed,
the way I see it. If this isn’t me then it’s just another reason to cut the leash
and be the MVP of the season. It’s needless to say I mean it, I’m heated.
Leading a legion of Phoenix into your region. See me here and I’m teaching the genius’s how to be
the believeable leaders in the immediate. My receipt is the little proof that I needed.
The visual and the scenic. The literal and the meaning of killing a beat and eating it.
Throw me a clip to load it in. Hold it while I’m controlling this. Open the Coca Cola can.
Broken, hopeless and older than. Moping, choking, and folding when I approach him and smoke him then
told that I am Street Light. I heard he never spoke again.

Alyssa Marie:
the goal that we’re setting is indefinite, deafen whatever lesson the pessimist
would embed in the head of whoever letting ’em get in it
within seconds, affectively resurrect where the mecca was and
correcting the wreckage of what they left of it
never was given the benefit, just the doubt
still without the heavy leverage to measure, we level out
and then proceed keep passing ’em, easily out lasting ’em
speak with a smart mouth when they’re lacking head to match it
all the limits that we laughed at,
every living minute given to the tracks that we’d be shitting if we half assed
but didn’t, ’cause sitting back and finishing fast is a fast track
to sitting in back, getting finished, flash back
to beginning it, grinning with the last laugh
couldn’t back your front, now you’re witnessing it’s backlash
switching from a class act to the class clown
so hang your back pack rapper in the back and sit your ass down


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