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Number 11 in the Respect Due series. Salute to my reason for rhyming, Redman.

Directed by Nick Burnz (Black Algebra Multimedia)

To be specific

Anybody could get it

Bite the bullet I spit it

Split it middle the digit

Fiddle and fidget

Forget it

T for terrific

I’m gifted in language arts —

Napoleon Bonaparte

You coming up short

Cohorts with wizards and witches

Scholars, sages and sisters

that burn it down til it embers

Do you Remember, take it back to placenta

Now find your center

You in the womb- why did you enter?

What were you sent for?

Choose your adventure

Life comes at you fast, like a ball of burning gas

Karma from the past cause us to cross paths

Still A star by any other name, set the world aflame

This energy can’t be contained like a potent strain

She Haley’s Comet

once in a lifetime

Your lifeline

Arrived at just the right time

catch me while you can motherfucker

Or suffer- the consequences

No coincidences

this was supposed to happen

Minus well go

with the flow, figaro

What a niggy know,

I️ was waiting for you at the door, sooo

Whateva man


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