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"Watch Me" DeStorm ft. Alyssa Marie (video)

Shout outs to DeStorm for putting together such a dope contest! ANOTHER rushed last minute entry, but this time it wasn’t my fault! i had scarlet fever and today was the first day i could record haha. watch me! like my new facebook music page!!

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they mad because i’m travelling a path they wanna follow
i’m laughing at the past, ain’t looking back, instead i practice for tomorrow
at the bottom of the mountain, counting minutes and seconds
until i step into the threshold and begin the progression
with every step hater’s hoping i’m losing my footing
i say the proof is in the pudding, when they choose to be looking
in my direction, but ignoring the reflection of them self
looking anywhere else, and blame the deck for what they’re delt
but i take the cards i’m given, play em and i risk it all
chips are all in, with a ball that’s in my court, but if i fall
i’m standing back up, landing on my feet again
managing the losses that i’m handed, i don’t need to win
in every single battle, life is filled with obstacles
you never think will matter when the fight is still impossible
the minute that it’s finished and you win it though
and think you’re at a pinacle, you’re really just beginning on a different road

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