"Wise Words"


Make sure to reach out to Wise’s brother Mauro for more information on W!SE REBORN: maurotheproducer@gmail.com
twitter: @maurodaproducer
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mauro.pistoni

Contact me: alyssamarie508@gmail.com (put WISE or W!SE REBORN as the subject)

“i feel like i have togetย this message out to the world and give myself fully to what im feeling.ย  even if i end up dying ย young. its that serious there is nothing else i can think about. its the only thing that will make everything ive ever had toย workย to become good at come together.”

Thank you all, I hope you can help in fulfilling Martin’s final wish. We’ll be releasing his old material leading up to the release of the album too so be on the look out. Please spread the word about this, link this video out to as many people as you can. I’ll keep you posted on W!SE REBORN.

Love you Martin. Sorry it took me so long.


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